Generating a National Conversation to Keep Jackson Hole Wild

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Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board

With two national parks at its doorstep, Jackson Hole is a highly 'grammable place. But there and all across the country, Instagram location tags are attracting excess traffic to nature areas, doing harm to the environment. We saw an opportunity to address a real problem and demonstrate Jackson Hole’s conservation to the world through a clever Instagram hack supported by an extensive public awareness campaign.

Thanks to geotagging, what was once an intimate moment in a remote place of beauty was now being instantly broadcast to millions, leaving digital trails and putting Jackson Hole’s wilderness at risk. Weaponizing Instagram’s location feature against itself, we created a generic location tag called “Tag Responsibly, Keep Jackson Hole Wild” and called on users to avoid tagging their exact whereabouts without deterring them from sharing their photos.

National media relations drove awareness for this first-of-its-kind social media hack while educating people about the issues of geotagging. We partnered with local influencers to provide an authentic and heartfelt call to action for others to use the generic geotag to help preserve their most beloved outdoor spots.

The campaign garnered attention from numerous publications, creating a national conversation about the topic.

“We needed to offer a solution and help spread the spirit of conservation that is so important to us. We want to share the beauty of Jackson Hole and inspire more people to experience it, but we also want them to join in our efforts to preserve it.”

Kate Sollitt — Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board Executive Director