Florida's Natural Retains Icon Status with Activations

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Florida's Natural Orange Juice

Florida's Natural is the country's oldest, largest citrus-grower co-op and a top orange juice producer. However, despite OJ's status as a breakfast icon, it has been disappearing from breakfast tables nationwide. Our challenge was to maintain category relevance for this legacy brand.

Using The Foundery, Exponent determined that brunch (and bubbly brunch beverages) continues to trend among younger audiences.

To build brand relevance and category awareness, we created the Florida’s Natural Brunch Club, an influential group of food and lifestyle bloggers tasked with creating conversations about Florida’s Natural® Orange Juice.

The Brunch Club shared recipe inspiration and the grower-owned, 100% Florida brand story.

The Brunch Club took orange juice beyond the breakfast table by providing recipes that highlight a variety of occasions for the classic beverage.

Registered dietician partner Keri Gans created content and interacted with fans and media to dispel many of the common myths about orange juice consumption.

Belief-Building Success

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Brunch club recipes were shared more than 2,800 times on Facebook.
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Influencer recipes were picked up organically in publications like BuzzFeed.