El Monterey Preps Parents for Back-to-School Meal Planning

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El Monterey

It’s a challenging time for parents and school-aged kids. To provide support, Exponent PR helped El Monterey deliver on what parents crave: moments of Zen. Social media content, influencer partnerships and media relations delivered this Zen along with smart and kid-pleasing meal solutions for parents.

El Monterey brought parents a moment of burrito Zen through a series of videos that broke through hectic social feeds and pre-roll ads with some tasty calm.

A Moment of Burrito Zen

Social influencers shared authentic stories about why El Monterey burritos are a staple item in their kitchens during the back-to-school season. From special family recipes to tips for involving kids in meal prep, these parents sparked inspiration.

El Monterey Influencer Content

Nationwide media relations showcased smart tips and solutions for busy families. A parenting expert showed how parents can set their kids up for successful learning, whether kids are heading out the door for school or learning from the kitchen table.

Mealtime Solutions for Busy Families With El Monterey

The Results

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27.9 M
El Monterey tapped into new audiences through influencer partnerships, resulting in an estimated 27.9 million estimated impressions.
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26.6 M
Media efforts resulted in 1,504 TV placements, 94 radio/streaming placements and over 26.6 million total impressions.