Burnett Dairy Cooperative Redefines Brand Partnership

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Burnett Dairy

Burnett Dairy Cooperative had one goal: grow the Wood River Creamery brand. The award-winning specialty cheese is distributed in grocery stores across the country. Exponent PR was tasked with increasing in-store traffic within key market locations.

Paid Influencer Program

Exponent tapped micro influencers to spur product trial and drive retail traffic within a crowded category. They overdelivered on culturally relevant recipe content and inspiration.

Brewery Partner Program

Beyond traditional influencer partnerships, we mined for a cost-efficient way to gain third-party credibility. Wood River Creamery cheese has one big differentiator: there is a beer and cheese pairing recommendation on every single package. This led us to create a brewery partner program.

Not only is the craft beer industry growing, but most local breweries have upwards of 15k followers on social media. By reaching out to breweries in the brand’s target markets, we could tap into new, highly engaged audiences. Plus, we could support local businesses as they reopen in the wake of COVID-19.

The content created announced a series of “perfect pairings” on Burnett Dairy Cooperative and brewery partner social channels. In addition, the assets inspired the beginning of a new and own-able content theme for the brand. This program can be easily replicated in target markets throughout the country.

Wood River Creamery cheese distribution expanded within the New Jersey market, as one of the brewery partners requested to carry the cheese in its tasting room.

The Results

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The campaign garnered more than 1.6 million impressions in the initial months alone. Distribution has expanded and sales growth exceeded forecasts.