Attracting Visitors to Jackson Hole with Powerful Campaign

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Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board

Jackson Hole is a popular summer getaway for the mobile masses streaming into nearby national parks, but the town struggles to attract visitors during the winter, posing big challenges for the local economy. The Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism board sought to help travelers realize the potential of Jackson Hole as a year-round destination with a rallying cry that resonates with locals and visitors alike.

To capture the rugged, independent spirit of the last real mountain town, the community was invited to have a seat at what was truly their table. Through research and lots of listening, their passion was transformed into “Stay Wild”.

The Jackson Hole Ambassador program helped lend an authentic voice to the campaign, with four local influencers creating and sharing content that celebrates the town’s magic, vibrancy and grit.

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Jessica Gill

“Stay Wild was born out of the notion that Jackson Hole is the most unique mountain town there is, surrounded by public lands and open spaces that harbor the most abundant wildlife and recreational access to wild lands. As other ski resort destinations are consolidating, we remain fiercely independent.”

- Kate Sollitt, Executive Director, Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism

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increase in site traffic to the JHT&TB blog as a result of the ambassador program.